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Band Biography of Lost Zone

Lost Zone – Biography:

Lost Zone is an alternative rock/metal band coming from Merano, South Tyrol (Italy). Their choice of name describes their relation to music itself. As lead singer Florian reveals, music to them is a sanctuary, a kind of a “lost zone” far away from everyday life and problems.


The band was founded by Florian Mahlknecht (vocals, guitar) and Simon Mair (drums) in 2015/16. In 2016 they uploaded a cover version of Linkin Park’s “In the End” on YouTube which helped them draw public attention for the first time. It was the first public appearance together with future guitarist Elias Oberschmied as well.

In January 2018 the band released their first ever single “Promises” together with a music video on their YouTube channel and all other common streaming platforms. Musically the song and overall style of the band is a well put together mix of Nu-Metal, Metalcore and rock/pop elements. Lost Zone itself define their music as Alternative-Rock/Metal, which leaves room for interpretation. The two singles “No Regrets” and “Color Blind” which both show the softer side of the band, were released throughout the same year.

Furthermore, the band played quite some local shows since beginning of 2018. In summer of 2019 the band dropped their debut EP “Promises”, titled after their debut single and first track on the record. It was self-released and contains 6 songs. In addition, it is completely self-written, -produced and –mixed as every release before.

In October of 2019 Lost Zone were announced as winners of a local musician contest that also brought up their next single “Blacked Out”. The song features Andre Plaickner, a good friend of the band who did some heavy screaming vocals on the track. A year later in 2020 the band released their an EP called “The Acoustic Session” which includes some of their already released songs in a rearranged acoustic or live version.

During the sustaining Covid-19 pandemic, guitarist Elias decided to call it quits and left the band due to personal reasons. However, before Elias left the band, the artists had been working on a “goodbye song” in the old formation. The very emotional track “Shallow Water” was released in October 2020, soon after the official statement of Elias’s goodbye. Five months later, in early 2021, Lost Zone celebrated their comeback with a new band member and the single “Leftovers”. Andre Plaickner who already worked with the band on an earlier track joined Lost Zone as bassist and screamer.


The overall style of the band is a mix of Nu-Metal, Metalcore and rock/pop elements. Furthermore, the band uses a lot of electronic elements which have become a distinguishing feature in most of their songs.


- 2018: Promises

- 2018: No Regrets

- 2018: Color Blind

- 2019: Promises (EP)

- 2019: Blacked Out

- 2020: The Acoustic Session (EP)

- 2020: Shallow Waters

- 2021: Leftovers


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